The Lost Boys Guide to the Lake Distict

The year was 1991, it was summer, A-Levels were over, and six Duke of Edinburgh candidates were out in the Lake District. We called ourselves the Lost Boys (Lost Boys DoE Gold.pdf : 2.8mb) but we obviously had sufficient sense of direction to find our way to the nearest pub. If nothing else, at least we had learned something! I went on to have friends at university who had taken their expeditions way too seriously and were horrified by the idea of pubs, National Trust campsites with shower facilities, and ice-cream vans. Generally speaking, I think we had the right idea. I'm sure HRH Phil would have approved.

I've also clearly been spending too much time with @stevenhorner ( and am slowly realising how much I have missed fell walking. So, having come to the conclusion that (amongst other things) I'd like to walk all the Wainwrights, all 214 of them, it seemed like a good idea to dig out these expedition notes. I have the original maps with route pencilled in, and will get it into a GPX file, eventually.

In the meantime, here is the expedition summary, from myself and AJ! I scanned some additional photos and tagged them onto the back of the report. Quality is not great, but I zapped a couple through Photoshop to give them a bit more oomph - which helps a bit. CLICK HERE for a link to my Flickr photostream.

Expedition Report Cover

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